Thursday 6 October 2011

Fun on the Spey

On Tuesday we were both working for Alltnacriche then yesterday Ian was indoor climbing all day whilst I had a great time on the Spey from Lochan Uvie to Newtonmore (near the 10th Hole!) with a group of four unique characters. They are very keen to do a 5 day trip on the Spey with Dave Craig, 'Spirit of the Spey' and this little trip was a taster of what is to come and for them to decide if they might enjoy it having never canoed before. It was very windy which made things a little more entertaining! However, it was at a good level and an excellent introduction for them especially as two were quite nervous. All was going well until their canoes got too close to each other with one team taking an unforeseen swim, ie Alan and slightly nervous Lynn. She didn't even get her hair wet and was eager to get back in and carry on. As Ryan said, it added a bit of drama and proceeded to turn it into an episode of Dallas (don't ask!). We used trolleys to portage back to The Beeches and a warm welcome from Jude.