Saturday 22 October 2011

Busy week

Lots of activity with Active Kids and Kevin Fawcett's DofE group. Weather not that good but everyone had a good time whatever.

Friday 14 October 2011

Rafted Canoeing Loch Insh

Yesterday we took a group of 'Active Kids' exploring by Rafted Canoe on Loch Insh. It was quite windy and they had to work hard, but we did 'take the island' where we made camp with a tent, tarpaulin and built a couple of dens. We set off again when the wind calmed a bit and checked out another excellent camping/den building area before setting sail and having a free ride back.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Active Kids etc

Yesterday we were working for WOW Scotland at Duntelchaig running climbing sessions. Kind weather and good groups meant we have a very pleasant day. Today we had a group of 'Active Kids' biking and Indoor Climbing. Again the weather was very kind and a lot of the children were new to our group and we all had a great time. Tomorrow we are Rafted Canoeing and Den Building on Loch Insh.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Fun on the Spey

On Tuesday we were both working for Alltnacriche then yesterday Ian was indoor climbing all day whilst I had a great time on the Spey from Lochan Uvie to Newtonmore (near the 10th Hole!) with a group of four unique characters. They are very keen to do a 5 day trip on the Spey with Dave Craig, 'Spirit of the Spey' and this little trip was a taster of what is to come and for them to decide if they might enjoy it having never canoed before. It was very windy which made things a little more entertaining! However, it was at a good level and an excellent introduction for them especially as two were quite nervous. All was going well until their canoes got too close to each other with one team taking an unforeseen swim, ie Alan and slightly nervous Lynn. She didn't even get her hair wet and was eager to get back in and carry on. As Ryan said, it added a bit of drama and proceeded to turn it into an episode of Dallas (don't ask!). We used trolleys to portage back to The Beeches and a warm welcome from Jude.

D of E Silver Exped

Following our fun session on the Loch we took off for Poolewe to walk in and meet a group of girls from Millburn Academy camping near Carn Mor and swapping over with Steve who supervised the first day. They were well sorted so we left them to it. In the morning Ian went back out to get our vehicle round to the end point whilst I had a chat to the girls before they set off over to Letterewe. The weather was glorious on Sunday and the mountains looked superb. The next campsite was at the foot of Gleann Bianasdail where they were met by the assessor and Ian. Monday became a very windy, then wet day but it did keep the group moving through the glen to Lochan Fada and out to Incheril via Gleann na Muice. Lovely route for a Dof E Exped.

Friendship Fund

Saturday morning was a bit drizzly on Loch Morlich but quite calm when we met up with members of the Friendship Fund to have some fun Rafted Canoeing. We have been meeting up with these folk for a few years now and we use the opportunity for a good gossip and catch up with all their news. Most of the time was spent in hysterics even when the heavens opened. A lovely morning for us!