Tuesday 27 April 2010

Archery at the Hayfield

Ian ran Archery for a group from Moray College this morning at our range close to the Hayfield in Glenmore Forest. The weather held and they had a really good session. I went for a walk with Jenny and Benji. In the afternoon it was Jennys turn to be an Archer!
Then we went to Aviemore to try and source some canoes and a trailer. If anyone knows of a canoe trailer for sale please do let us know!!

Monday 26 April 2010

Creag a'Mhadaidh

Yesterday we biked from Dalnaspidal Lodge on the A9 to do a remote Graham. It was dull and wet when we set off on the good track running alongside Loch Garry. It then turns into 1.5 km of flat, boggy, grassy ground which we negotiated both on and off the bike before crossing a fairly wide river which was knee deep if you missed the boulders! A very old path/track led to the ruin of a large house (8km from both A9 and Loch Rannoch). Another pleasant track led up to the col below our hill and on for a fast descent to Loch Rannoch. Pathless, wet, heathery ground led to a fine summit cairn. The views would have been great if there was not so much low cloud about!
It cleared up for the run back and we arrived at the car suitably muddy and wet!!

Thursday 22 April 2010


For the last two days we have been working for Alltnacriche with Ellon Primary who were staying there. They were a lovely group of children who had lots of fun on a variety of activities including the Zipwire and Low Ropes/Assault course (we often hire these for our groups). It was quite cold but we did not hear any moans!!

Friday 16 April 2010

Loch Ossian

Another of our favourite easy bike rides. Always the first place for rhododendrons too! A fast track goes from Moy Bridge goes to the new Corrour Lodge and then continues on to Corrour Station past Loch Ossian. Nice weather, ideal for biking.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Caithness Hills

On Monday we drove north to climb Morven. Left the car in glorious sunny weather at 11.00am. by the time we were nearing the summit the mist was in and we could only imagine the views. Carried on over the fantastic conglomerate tors of Smean to a col below Scaraben where we camped. Drizzly and misty.
Tuesday started misty as we set off over the first top of Scaraben but cleared for the main summit. Over another top and down to the car for lunch.
Went to have a look at the climbing at Latheronwheel in the afternoon. Very picturesque, just too cold to do anything!
On the way home we drove along Glen Loth to do another quick Graham. Interesting glen with lots of remains of Brochs etc.

Sunday 11 April 2010

Loch Duntelchaig

Yesterday we met James at Loch Duntelchaig to investigate more climbing and abseiling routes for the various groups we will be working with in May and June. We wanted to ensure that we knew exactly how we would rig things, where we would organise the groups etc and how to keep a low profile so as not to be in other folks way! After which we had some fun, testing some ideas and having our first rockclimb of the season. Fantastic weather too!

Thursday 8 April 2010

Canoe Rafting on Loch Morlich

Our first session of canoeing this year! We were the only people out too. We were with Nikki and Emma and their families in rafted canoes and it was wonderful fun! A tour around the Loch was made, stopping at the far end for a snack. Ian and I were taken back to our childhood by having 'iced gems'. It was pretty windy and had needed a bit of an effort to keep into wind but on the way back it was a breeze! Went up the wee river too which is running fast at the moment. Everyone had to work hard on the way back to avoid being driven to shore too soon and we could not have done it without our little bandits and pirates! Thank you guys and gals!!

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Indoor Climbing at Glenmore Lodge

Today we met up with Nikki, Emma, Mike and Alastair and all their lovely children aged 5 upwards for a brilliant session on the Indoor Wall. The children were really keen to tie their own knots and learn about belaying and looking after each other. It works so well when families do activities together and these were all happy to swap around, belaying and backing up wherever required. What a shame we forgot our camera!
Canoeing with them tomorrow on Loch Morlich.

Sunday 4 April 2010

A pair from Fersit

Another good day in prospect so we paid a visit to Stob Coire Sgriodain and Chno Dearg. Not done these for years! Misty start through until on the way to the second summit. Still white, wintry conditions and when the sun appeared it made for another lovely day!

Friday 2 April 2010

Drumochter 4 and the Boar

The past few days have been spent organising future days of activities for people and we had a bad case of cabin fever. Cleared that today by having a superb day doing the 4 munros from Balsporran and returning to the car via the Boar of Badenoch. It made for a good circuit and kept us away form the A9. Met two very pleasant guys on route and we all touched base on every summit. One is a Freelance Instructor and he made an instant good impression on us! The views all around were wonderful, Schiehallion and Ben Alder standing out particularly well. The weather was brilliant and the snow conditions for walking were perfect.