Thursday 6 October 2011

D of E Silver Exped

Following our fun session on the Loch we took off for Poolewe to walk in and meet a group of girls from Millburn Academy camping near Carn Mor and swapping over with Steve who supervised the first day. They were well sorted so we left them to it. In the morning Ian went back out to get our vehicle round to the end point whilst I had a chat to the girls before they set off over to Letterewe. The weather was glorious on Sunday and the mountains looked superb. The next campsite was at the foot of Gleann Bianasdail where they were met by the assessor and Ian. Monday became a very windy, then wet day but it did keep the group moving through the glen to Lochan Fada and out to Incheril via Gleann na Muice. Lovely route for a Dof E Exped.