Sunday 29 April 2012

Catch up

Ian was with Highland Council on Monday, wet biking! We both worked for Alltnacriche on Wednesday and Thursday, lovely kids as usual and no moaning despite the wet and cold wintry weather. Friday we ran an indoor climbing session for Moray College in the morning and then an Archery session for a Social Enteprise project in the afternoon. It was cold and we were snowed on but the group quickly became addicted and just wanted to keep going. The weather was wonderful on Saturday when we took the Social group out Rafted Canoeing on Loch Morlich and then got our friend Jenny out soloing for the first time. She did brilliantly! Today has been another lovely day, the Cairngorms look particularly good with their perfect white coat and we were training a group of 4 girls in readiness for their DofE Bronze exped. We had to work them hard to cover all the skills they would need and it was tired bunnies who got into the car at the end.

Monday 23 April 2012

Nice day on the Ben

We guided a group on Ben Nevis on Sunday setting off from the youth Hostel at 4.30am and arriving on the summit just after 7.30am. Lovely lighting and cloud formations and crisp bright snow. No wind either and we did not see anyone else until we had started back down. Not sure if our group realised just how lucky they were to have such perfect conditions all to themselves!

Monday 16 April 2012

River Oich

On Saturday, Bt Al and us paddled the River Oich which was at a very nice level and was quite a fast run. We then paddled up the canal back to the vehicles at Bridge of Oich where we loaded the camping gear and went off onto Loch Oich for the night. It snowed overnight and Sunday morning was bright and clear. Back to the vehicles and then off to the River Ness which was also at a good level although none of us liked the look of either the Dochgarroch Weir or the Holm Mills Weir because of rocks and debris so portaged them. Good 2 days of fun.

Friday 13 April 2012


Yesterday we did Archery and Den Building with our tough youngsters. The children helped me to make an effective shelter with a tarpaulin to dive into when the showers came through although they were making very good woodland dens themselves which kept out the worst of the weather. They were all addicted to Archery and we kept this up all day. When any wanted to do the den building, Niamh took control and helped the new ones construct their own after showing them some that had been built at other times. Another great day and the sun was warm when it came out!

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Rafted Canoeing and biking in the rain

Another day for 'Active Kids' who proved themselves to be real tough guys! It was quite chilly and we did get caught in a few showers, some of hail but it was really warm when the sun came out so everyone survived. We did rafted canoeing on Loch Morlich with half the group whilst the others went biking in the forest, then we swapped at lunchtime. Both times we all met at the bridge for a catch-up!

Catching up

On Sunday we had another Poling session with Mark, always come away from these quite knackered! He is a brilliant coach though. On Monday, we, plus BT Al paddled the Spey from Laggan to Newtonmore as it was at such a good level. Pleasant section, quite relaxing. Tuesday saw us at the Indoor Wall and out in the Forest with some of our 'Active Kids'. Some new ones and the 'oldtimers' helped to make these children feel at home in the group so a great day was had by all.

Sunday 8 April 2012

Ian's encounter with a Caper!

On Friday, Ian took 2 guys biking around Glenmore and Rothiemurchus during which time they came across a male Capercaillie who obviously wanted them to know that the area they were in was his territory. Ian got his camera out and got a couple of shots before the bird decided enough was enough and chased them off!

Friday 6 April 2012

Rafted Canoeing

Yesterday our little troop was joined by a few of our girls and wee Greagoir who is only 4 and was being watched over by Bobby (5) for a morning of Rafted Canoeing on Loch Insh. It was a bit chilly but they all coped well with that. The pair of Ospreys are back and it was good to see and hear them. In the afternoon we took two families out who have been on Loch Morlcih with us in the past and wanted to try somewhere different. They got to see both birds at the nest otherwise I don't think they would have believed us!

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Indoor Climbing

It went very well this morning with the same group as yesterday. They all helped each other to climb and even the young ones had a go at the belaying and tying the figure of eight knot. Calum, Iain and Callum were given harder challenges to attempt as they have been before and needed to make progress. Bobby, Marshall, Struan and Finlay surprised us with their eagerness to reach the top or to go all the way around the bouldering area without falling off. A really good session, thanks guys!

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Active Kids

This morning we had some fun in the snow with a group of 'Active Kids'. We were having a good session of Archery with some big snowman building going on too. It was great snow for making huge snowballs which they then jumped on to break up! Indoor climbing tomorrow.

Monday 2 April 2012

Loch Tay and River Tay

We 3 took off for a trip on Loch Tay and the river Tay over the weekend. Left Killin about lunchtime on Friday and set off with strengthening easterlies helping us on our way. Found a perfect campsite after about 11kms. Saturday and the wind had swung round to N and W with a good force 4 to paddle against. Decided to camp on the island close to Kenmore, which was just after lunch but we wanted to have a play on the river and thought Sunday would be better as there would not be any fishermen around. Paddled to Aberfeldy on Sunday but poled up and down the Lower Lyon for the practise as the water level was low enough for us to get well beyond the usual take out. Did not see anyone else all day, surprising as the weather was quite good.