Thursday 18 December 2014

Nice to see snow

There are a few pleasant walks around here where few other folk go. We always see hundreds of red deer on one of our walks and have worked out that if we approach very slowly they do not move too far away. Another of our favourites is Creag Dubh in Newtonmore as it

is always a grand viewpoint when there is snow about.

Friday 12 December 2014

Very Christmassy

We have had the odd bit of Archery recently, but we are quiet now and are catching up with things that need doing as well as getting a bit of exercise here and there. There is a wee hill close by that we like for a couple of hours walk and today we went up Glen Banchor to see the snow. Always a picturesque glen.

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Loch Sionnascaig

On Monday we went to Loch Sionnascaig. Paddled across Loch Buine Moire to a low point in the high ground separating this loch from Boat Bay. Portaged over, then had a fabulous paddle to the island of Eilean Mor where we set up camp. Perfect weather and the mountains looked stunning. We have climbed all these mountains and the views to them from Loch Sionnascaig are spectacular - Suilven, Cul Mor, Cul Beag and Stac Pollaidh. There is a really remote feeling on this island, especially as we were the only folk around. It became quite windy during the night and into Tuesday when it was really wild for some time. By the time we were packed and ready to get afloat it had calmed down considerably and we had a fast paddle out. Bouncy again in Boat Bay. Landed at the end of the long boggy track leading to the road to see how easy it might be to use this track to get access to Loch Buine Moire and it was good. Rock free so possible to drag the canoes once over a small rise. A great trip, next time we will spend more time exploring.

Shared Lives

On Saturday we met up with Sue Mahoney and a group involved in Shared Lives at Parkmore Cottages, Dufftown for some fun activities. Lots of folk we now know very well and have watched them grow in confidence every time we see them. There are always a couple of new people too and everyone has a lot of fun doing all sorts of things like Shiatsu, beauty treatments, snake handling and a fun session and archery with us.

Thursday 30 October 2014

Archery and Abseiling

On Monday we saw Andy and Dee again for another session of Archery. This time we looked at using sights and the recurve method of shooting. they are now very confident and competent at both bare bow and recurve and are hoping to do more Archery local to them. Looking forward to introducing them to canoeing next year! On Tuesday we met up with friends and took their two lovely grandchildren to Farrletter for some Abseiling. Aged only 6 and 8, they were very happy about going down the cliff and really understood all the safety issues and that even though it was fun they could also see what a serious activity it is to participate in. We could not stop them from wanting to keep going and we lost count eventually at the number of times they abseiled, we think it was 9 or 10! Hope to do some canoeing with them next year.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Thurso Team Building

We were working with a group on a Self Leadership course with Social Enterprise at the North Highlands College, Thurso yesterday. A lively group of 16, all getting on really well with each other and we had fun whilst looking at why we need to develop the skills needed for working together. Unfortunately an iminent power cut stopped play in the afternoon!

Friday 17 October 2014

Another Ben Nevis

Ian was working for Ultimate Training Days yesterday taking a group from Global Radio up Ben Nevis. Other Global groups were to be on Scafell and Snowdon at about the same time. A fun group too enjoying their challenge for Global's own newly launched charity called 'Make some Noise'. Weather not quite as bad as expected but still windy and we

t at times.

Thursday 9 October 2014

Lots of Archery

Since the last blog, we have had more Ben Nevis ascents with a variety of folk, a few days working at Alltnacriche which is always fun, lots of archery with lots of different groups including Cairngorm Sport 4 All who just love anything outdoorsy, Serenity Cafe, a new group for us and we hope to see them again, leaders from an Action for Kids group who were much fun to be with, the Friendship Fund who we see every year and always look forward to catching up with and finally a day with Muir of Ord Scouts who were all incredibly well behaved!

Monday 15 September 2014

No Limits

Missed No Limits last time they came to Badaguish, glad to have them back for some Rafted Canoeing. Pleasant weather too.

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Team Building

The past few weeks have been busy with more ascents of Ben Nevis, Archery, rafted canoeing, climbing on the Lodge towers, climbing on the Abernethy wall, abseiling at Farrletter, and team building with a variety of folk including Reach 4 Reality, Highland Council, Boys Brigade, Cairngorm Sport 4 All and finally yesterday a group at Glenmore Lodge. We have also been fitting in more bits of

biking and climbing for ourselves along with scraping and wire brushing the thick moss off our roof!

Friday 18 July 2014


Another week rushed by, we have been guiding on Ben Nevis, rock climbing and abseiling with some of our 'Active Kids', on the glenmore Lodge Towers with 9th Aberdeen Scouts and after a day of sorting kit we had a day out on the bike. A trip we like as it is good excercise as well as going into quite remote country with superb views of Ben Alder etc is to follow the river Pattack to Loch Pattack, then take a diversion on the return for a fast descent. Good track, boggy towards the loch but fun.

Friday 11 July 2014

Active Kids and Boys Brigade

We had a great day on Wednesday with some of our 'Active Kids', Team Challenges, Treasure Hunt, Archery and Den Building. The kids worked and played really well together and the weather was superb, what more could we ask for!
Yesterday, Ian and I used the towers at Glenmore Lodge to run climbing and abseiling for a Boys Brigade group. They worked hard with all the challenges we set them and were tired by the end of it.