Tuesday 1 April 2014

Glenlivet Bike Trails

These are brilliant! Really well designed and flowing. There is a Blue of 5.5miles and a Red of  14 miles. The Blue is a great one for getting an idea of graded trails, it has no nasty surprises and is a really smooth surface with lots of sweeps. The inclines are at a fairly easy angle too and the last downhill is great fun. The Red is just that bit harder with narrower paths, steeper inclines but still well graded, nice little rock drop offs with good straight runs after, slabby bits and again just bags of fun, flowing trail. There are also Black options. All very well signposted. It was a very quiet day there yesterday and we had the trails to ourselves. We will definitely be back as we really loved it and we need to get some good photos!! Check out the Glenlivet Estate website for more info.