Monday 1 August 2011

More canoeing

On Friday we took families down the Spey from Boat of Garten to Nethy Bridge. Lovely people who were all enjoying the serenity of this section on a wonderful day. On Saturday, Al, Ian and myself paddled from Craigellachie to Spey Bay for the fun of it and then on Sunday we did the same with a group of 5 adults, 4 of whom fish some of this section. It was really interesting for us to learn a bit more about the life of the salmon and to learn more about this part of the river. John and Shaun swam twice but came up smiling and it will give them something to laugh about for quite a time to come.

Today we had an afternoon of Team Challenges and Den building with a group of 'Active Kids', a great time was had until the wind dropped and the midges came out in clouds!