Monday 26 April 2010

Creag a'Mhadaidh

Yesterday we biked from Dalnaspidal Lodge on the A9 to do a remote Graham. It was dull and wet when we set off on the good track running alongside Loch Garry. It then turns into 1.5 km of flat, boggy, grassy ground which we negotiated both on and off the bike before crossing a fairly wide river which was knee deep if you missed the boulders! A very old path/track led to the ruin of a large house (8km from both A9 and Loch Rannoch). Another pleasant track led up to the col below our hill and on for a fast descent to Loch Rannoch. Pathless, wet, heathery ground led to a fine summit cairn. The views would have been great if there was not so much low cloud about!
It cleared up for the run back and we arrived at the car suitably muddy and wet!!